Support Systems

The Support Systems Committee identifies, supports, and develops systems for successful offender reentry into families and communities. Successful reentry means full reintegration into society and to do that individuals with a criminal history must be able to maintain and create new positive connections to others. By developing and augmenting supports for the reentry population, future crime and victimization can be prevented.

Support Systems Committee Notes

Reentry Outreach

The Support Systems Committee links people with a criminal history to information that will help them succeed in the community. The committee supports the efforts of the monthly resource fair at the Travis State Jail and participates in community-based resource fairs and outreach events to provide information on overcoming criminal history barriers.

Women Reentry Initiative

To goal of the Women Reentry Services Initiative is to review current reentry services for women in Travis County involved in the criminal justice system (in prison/jail or on probation/parole), identify their reentry needs and make recommendations to enhance services.

Children of the Incarcerated

Children of incarcerated parents require special attention from the criminal justice system and the community at large. Understanding the needs of children can go a long way toward alleviating unnecessary suffering. The Austin/Travis County was one of fourteen sites in the nation to receive technical assistance on the Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights. As part of that project, we hosted a workshop and training in 2007 that provided tools for working with children who have an incarcerated parent. In 2009, the A/TCRRT partnered with the Restorative Justice Ministries of the Episcopal Diocese, to facilitate projects in our community that would further the rights of children of the incarcerated.

  • Camp Good News, a week-long, over- night summer camp, is open to children ages 10-15 who have a parent incarcerated within the State of Texas. The Camp provides a rich and fun-filled camping experience in a supportive environment. Caring and well-trained counselors model godly behavior while fostering healthy relationships, helping equip children with tools they need to explore the blessings and wonders of self.

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The Austin/Travis County Reentry Roundtable is collaborative promoting safe and healthy communities through effective reentry and reintegration of formerly incarcerated persons and individuals with criminal histories in Austin/Travis County, Texas.

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